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Red Wine Jus

RED WINE JUS - 270mls (4 serves)

This sauce is slowly simmered to intensify the flavours of the red wine, beef stock, garlic & shallots. This thick reduction is a marriage of flavours that creates a dark, rich and velvety Red Wine Jus. Traditionally chefs use it sparingly, as it requires a lot of work, but the reward is having your guests sigh with pleasure.


TO USE; Brilliant for dinner parties, special occasions, pour over duck, veal, beef, chicken, kangaroo & venison
TO CARE: Store in a cool place. Refrigerate after opening. Consume within 7 days.
 All Natural & Completely Gluten-Free with No Preservatives
Allergen: Contains soy products
Made in Australia from at least 93% Australian ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
andrew Jennings
Red Wine Jus

Fantastic, would like it a bit thicker, that’s just my preference.

Fantastic sauce

So good with a scotch fillet steak n veggies.. restaurant quality

Catherine M

Had this sauce over steak. Was so delicious my husband requested that I place a order again. It takes your steak to another level, real restaurant quality.
Oh I have placed the order can't wait to try it again

Kate Ingleton
Totally LOVE these sauces

I can't recommend these more highly.

Just tastes amazing.

Had a Filet Mignon the other day that tasted like I'd ordered it at a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris.

I could still taste the red wine jus hours later.

On my own, I don't use a whole jar. I use about a third then freeze the rest in 2 small freezable containers so they are ready for next use.
You could get 4 serves but I love it so much I use a little extra.
Definitely buying more & stocking my pantry, especially the red wine jus.

Sure, they're not cheap but when we're paying what we are for meat, make the most of it & add this sauce to make it a spectacular meal.

Steak, roast beef, I couldn't imagine them without this sauce now.

Peter Emery
Red wine jus

This sauce is magnificent. I plan to never run out of it. It is a must on steaks. I add a small knob of butter prior to serving to give it creaminess.